Emily Bailey


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Tom Hopewell

Lead Designer

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Harry Greenaway

Lead Programmer

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Charis Avraam

Lead Artist

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Lauren Moses

Community Manager

Antler Studios (Oxford, UK) was born in 2018 and over the past year we've built up a small studio, released one game and begun working on a larger episodic series. 

We started out as university peers taking Project Grove, our dissertation, to expos and realised we were on to something.


We strive to create meaningful, fun and memorable experiences for our players, which excites and challenges, leaving them eager to play more.

Need a Game Dev Team?

Antler Studios can develop: mobile, web, PC, and table top games.

We’re eager to explore all purposes of games including: serious, edutainment, casual, advergames and experimental.

We'll reply as soon as possible!