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Devlog #2

Greyboxing Section 3 has been an interesting experience, as it is one of the first areas where we are pushing the open-world feel of the game. Building the designed puzzles and trying out new ones. Working with the new rocket sun orbs to create some interesting spacial puzzles using line of sight. We've worked on some gameplay montages for our run-up to EGX 2019 and DreamHack Winter. This involved getting back into the sequencer in Unreal and trying out different methods of moving and playing with L-P1N inside the sequencer to give him life and character in his movements.

Script recording with the voice actors was only one full day but was an amazing experience. Seeing the narrative and characters come to life once more and filling the game with a soul that puzzles alone cannot convey. It was interesting working through the voices and seeing how we can put more character in there than the original voice over, such as working different accents and dialects into the voices to try different feelings and sounds for the game. We've edited the voice acting, looking through the different takes and putting the narrative together. It is always an interesting experience because things always end up being changed from the original lines, to fit how things were said or changed in inflexion, or just how we feel like they sound when they are spoken by the character.

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