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Oxford, UK

Founded: 2018

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Steam: August 2020




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Project Grove follows ageing Alchemist Edric and his portable platform L-P1N on their journey to locate the mythical Grove. In this bombastic genre-bending 3D puzzle-platformer you navigate dangerous terrain, experiment with exotic flora and harness powerful alchemic abilities. With non-linear puzzles, you carve your own path and uncover the secrets of the Grove using your own brand of alchemy.


  • Carve your own path with L-P1N, a movable platform

  • Solve non-linear puzzles at your leisure

  • Choose your favourite loadout from a dynamic potion system

  • Story-rich gameplay with quintessential British humour

  • Stylised art with a beautiful hand-painted environment

  • Best Adventure - DreamHack Winter (2019)

  • Best Adventure - DreamHack Winter (2018)



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Press Quotes

"Project Grove feels like a delightfully low-stakes, all-ages adventure that anyone could enjoy." - Game Critics

"I love this approach to the game because it gives players a way to progress, even if they’re stuck on a certain platforming puzzle." - Power Up Gaming

"Dacrima looks to bring a personality-rich, dynamic twist to the puzzle-platformer genre." - GameGrin

"[The Project Grove Demo] really impresses with its gorgeous visuals, chilled out atmosphere and creative puzzle design." - Alpha Beta Gamer 


About Antler Studios


Antler Studios (Oxford, UK) was born in 2018 after a group of game jam university friends teamed up for their dissertation. We have released our first mobile title and are currently working on a larger PC adventure-puzzler called Project Grove.


Our aim is to create meaningful and memorable experiences for our players, which excites and challenges, leaving them eager to play more.

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