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Antler Studios

Oxford, UK

Founded: 2018

Release Date:

Global Game Jam: January 2020


PC Windows


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SPARK-E is 3D top-down game where you strategically manage resources to survive devastating environmental hazards and repair a robotic colony.


Sandstorms have devoured the Colony, depleting their resources and destroying their homes. A lone SPARK-E remains, trying to save the Colony from the brink of annihilation. SPARK-E's scans predict the Colony has the capacity to survive nine more sandstorms. Help SPARK-E repair the Colony before the tenth sandstorm hits


  • Repair Robots Search for MINE-E and BUILD-E robots then use SPARK-E to repair them. 

  • Collect Resources - Explore the terrain and collect valuable metal ores with MINE-E.

  • Build SheltersConstruct defensive buildings to protect MINE-E and BUILD-E robots and survive smaller sandstorms

  • Upgrade Energy SourceSecure the survival of the Colony by collecting Solar Panels, revealed by smaller sandstorms.


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About Antler Studios

Antler Studios (Oxford, UK) was born in 2018 after a group of game jam university friends teamed up for their dissertation. We have released our first mobile title and are currently working on a larger PC adventure-puzzler called Project Grove.


Our aim is to create meaningful and memorable experiences for our players, which excites and challenges, leaving them eager to play more.


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