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EGX 2018

This was the Team’s first expo we showed at, which we were fortunate to attend as a part of the Transfuzer 2018 cohort. EGX was a great experience for us - in terms of the standard which is expected at Indie stands in these shows, the creativity shown by all other Devs and the sheer number of games at the expo (268 to be precise..)

It was also a great chance to get our first taste of the public’s perception of Grove, as well as UX feedback to take forward for reiteration of our demo (turns out there were a lot of changes needed). But here’s a rough summary of our post EGX thoughts, and tips to other devs showing there next year.


1) The public is harsh, but they’re the best critic

2) People love to break your game (Harry gained a good few grey hairs during this time..)

3) Industry parties are FUN, especially when Tequila is in the mix, but please lord proceed with caution

4) Birmingham traffic was hellish

5) Huge variety games Indie Devs are making, showcasing why the games industry is such an exciting place to be

6) It's an amazing experience, GO!

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