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PG Connects

Sometimes as a bootstrapping studio, you forget how important it is to attend events like this. Mainly because you have limited funds, so do you splash out on a 2-day networking event in London or do you pay for an animator, or record more lines of dialogue for your demo and pay a voice actor? It's hard, really hard.

An answer? Hustle. Emily managed to get a free spot at PG Connects through a connection, doing a day's free work for them in exchange for the spot. Considering the cost of these events, this was very generous of them. Events like this really are invaluable. We gained a heap of connections, not just publishers but also media, VCs, competitions to enter, etc. For the majority of PG Connects, Emily networked as much as possible and noted all the feedback given.

This was probably up there with the most valuable test feedback - the 'testers' are all industry experts, with the majority having design and production experience. It really gave the polish needed to the demo, which is invaluable when you're about to send your prized demo off to people who can fund it. Also, worth noting that we can't afford to pay for QA testers, so literally all feedback comes from these events, fans and friends/family.

Overall, we really rated PG Connects: it was intimate, all industry focused and really good for indie companies. The atmosphere was fab but most importantly, the free lunch was bloody tasty.

Thanks PG Connects.

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